Home Studio Construction

I, like many musicians and sound designers need a space in my home to produce music and other audio content. One of the biggest challenges is making that space insulated enough to avoid noise leakage in or out.

A lot of noise can travel between rooms through the home’s ventilation and (obviously) windows and doors. I saw an opportunity to use an unwanted window to isolate the ventilation into my studio. It’s working quite well, so I wanted to share the process.

The unwanted window (on the left) between the hallway and the studio
View into my studio through the window before removal
Drywalling over the window cutout, after some light painting of the hallway
Ventilation register on the ceiling and window into the hallway
HVAC register removed, window sealed with drywall and soundboard, and box for ventilation maze mounted over the window frame
Register box mounted over the existing register cutout and joined to flex ducting run into the maze

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